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"Hey Audino…?"


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filsdhjkfhuasdjkgfhasdjkfasjfajksdf WHY ARE THE ??????? EVERYWHERE NYU IS CONFUSED O___e

((Because I dont even know what the heck is going on with this blog anymore dsnfsmfdsfds


Blah Litty is the only one not stuck in a plotline of doom and agony OTL))



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((if the anons keep it up they will feel the wrath of becca >8/ ))

"Hey Litty," says a familiar voice, "How are you? Sorry I haven't been by in a while, I've been training my pokemon." Lo and behold (and yes the pun's intended), Low is currently in the forest, with all three of his pokemon out of their pokeballs. That is, Muni the Musharna, Yami the Yamask, and Puri the Purrloin.

The tiny candle was curled up by a few moss covered rocks happily starring at the little sliver ring he had bin given a few days ago, Happily replaying the whole wedding in his head again

He was so focused on his little ring that he didn’t hear the footsteps  behind him…

He froze when he heard the voice saying his name and quickly snapped his head back

He stared at the man for a good few minutes after he had finished talking, though quickly his mouth exploded into a smile

"LOW!" He screeched excitedly, putting the ring down and quickly hopping over to the psychic

He leaped and floated up to his chest, curling up agenst him as a way of hugging 

"lowlowlowlooooow!Ihaven’tseenyouinsolong!werehaveyoubin!" If he had working lungs he would of bin out of breath with how fast his mouth was running.

He took a minute to calm down, floating around low and his pokemon with a huge smile on his face

"Im so happy to see you Low! I missed you!"

So here’s the deal
and then-



oopsies wrong account

For Fucks sake…

Here let me start up another stream

this ones being derp